Watch: Biggest Custom-Made Burger Possible Served at McDonald’s with Their “Create Your Taste” Kiosk


World famous food chain brings another innovation on food industry. Presenting McDonald’s ‘Create Your Taste’ Kiosk!

It is a high-tech self-serve kiosk where the customers have the freedom to customize their burger according to want with just using a large touchscreen kiosk.

To test how far this kiosk can go, a man named Moshe Tamssot decided to go all out in his customizing, which resulted to a 3.8 pound burger. Imagine this smothered in 10x of cheese, mushrooms, onions, jalapenos, bacon, need I go further?

This monster meal of a creation was named the Big Max.

See how the McDonald’s management handled serving this mega meal for Moshe.

Watch the video below.

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