Proper Beard Etiquette Taught by Action Bronson


Facial hair can sometimes be messy when not properly groomed. It can be an asset or a setback depending on how you manage it.

Action Bronson, a facial hair expert with a beard as fluffy yet as clean as his, teaches some proper beard etiquette at the dinner table in a new clip from NYLON mag.

According to Bam Bam, when eating noodles with Sesame, you have to comb your beard with your thumb and then grasp it.

He also introduced “the dress” when eating melted ice cream, while he did not advise the hamburger.

When eating chicken noodle soup, take just enough of the soup on the spoon so there are no soup dripping in your beard.

And when eating the most delicious cotton candy, you just eat it with no restraint. It doesn’t matter if it goes it in your face or beard or mustache. You just gotta taste this heavenly fluffiness against the fluffy facial hair.

Watch the video below.

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