BuzzBundle – All in One Social Media Management Tool


Two weeks ago i discovered BuzzBundle a social media management tool. Then last Tuesday i tried using it and i can’t believe that is use easy to use, i can also monitor a specific topic that before it so hard to do manually.

So far using BuzzBundle makes my life so easy to monitor a specific topic that I’m monitoring and also it makes me easy to reply to twitter, facebook, linkedin and google plus.

Here are some of the quick look on BuzzBundle:

Buzz Bundle - All in One Social Media Management Tool (Profile)
BuzzBundle Screen of Profile Section
Buzz Bundle - All in One Social Media Management Tool (Stream)
BuzzBundle Screen of Stream Section

BuzzBundle Features:

Multiple personas and profiles

  • Create multiple personas (1 user, many personalities)
  • Add existing profiles and register new ones automatically
  • Grow data-rich, active social profiles
  • Easily switch between personas and their profiles

Reputation management

  • Generate and moderate conversations
  • Monitor conversations about your company/brand
  • Join conversations as a company representative or in disguise
  • Follow or join conversations about competitors

More buzz, better control

  • Track mentions of competitors and participate in discussions
  • Distribute announcements to multiple websites
  • See how your viral campaigns spread real time, across all sites
  • Schedule postings and announcements

Surfing streams

  • Mark the most important discussions as favorite
  • Create multiple streams and workspaces
  • Quickfilter the streams

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